The restrictions and measure against covid-19 in Morocco

Why can I go to Morocco?

– Tourism: For tourist stays, travelers are authorized to enter Moroccan territory upon presentation of a confirmed hotel reservation.
– Business: For business stays, travelers are authorized to enter Moroccan territory upon presentation of an invitation from a Moroccan company.

From which countries can I visit Morocco?

All foreign nationals not subject to the Visa procedure are allowed to visit Morocco regardless of the country of origin.

The borders have been open since July 14, 2020. What does that mean?

In accordance with the restrictions put in place by the Moroccan authorities, it is not possible to travel or transit to or through certain countries whose air links with the Kingdom have been suspended.
Flights to Morocco are open to all Moroccan citizens (tourists stranded abroad, students or residents abroad and their families) as well as to citizens residing in Morocco and of different nationality.
Nationals of other nationalities living in Morocco will be able to enter the territory on presentation of a residence card.

What is the procedure to follow before going to Morocco?

Since October 01, 2020, the conditions for access to the national territory have been lightened. From now on, any traveler exempted from the visa requirement can travel to Morocco under the following conditions:
Have a negative PCR test not exceeding 72 hours instead of 48 hours previously required. In addition, serological testing is no longer required;
Have a reservation from a tourist accommodation establishment in Morocco or an invitation from a Moroccan company (except for passengers of Moroccan nationality or foreigners residing in Morocco).

Traveling between cities how can I do?

In order to travel, it is essential to have a permit. This authorization is issued by the Pasha with documents to be provided such as a hotel reservation, business invitation.

Moroccan borders are open but who can travel and under what conditions?

The people authorized to leave Moroccan territory are therefore:
– business travelers
– binational Moroccans
– Moroccan students with a residence card from the country in question
– foreign nationals
Members of an immediate family (spouse or children) of Moroccan citizens or foreign nationals residing in Morocco may enter Moroccan territory, upon presentation of a certificate issued by the consular authorities.
Foreign citizens wishing to travel to Morocco for a work mission must present a copy of the supporting document provided by the receiving institution.


Latest Update ; 20 March 2021