Great tourist destination. Former Phoenician counter, baptized Mogador by the Portuguese, the well-designed is a unique citadel, cradle of artists of all kinds, fishing port and market with intense activity, cabinetmakers who carve scented woods or precious cedar, cedar wood ………. Also called St Malo Marocain with its small fishing port on the Atlantic. Approaching Essaouira, all the destinations of the argan plantations welcome you. The old Mogador, which extends over an almost narrow island, the islet of Mogador, fortified from the mid-18th century, low is nestled inside the ramparts dividing the old city into several districts. It is 173 km north of Agadir, 174 km west of Marrakech, and 406 km south of Casablanca. Whether it is in the typical Portuguese fishing port with these blue boats crowded by the hundreds, or on the ramparts of the old town with the Atlantic as far as the eye can see as a backdrop, or even from the top of La Scala which has you a magnificent seen while admiring the bronze cannons which were melted down in Spain. We take full eyes with these colors so bright, white and blue which are the main colors of this magnificent painting. It is not for nothing that many international artists have decided to settle there … There is also this mixture of powerful smells where the iodized air swept by the sirocco mixes with the subtle scents of alleys of the medina with woody notes accompanied by scents of orange blossom or jasmine. There is also this surprising and spectacular marine decor that amazes you at all times … When it comes to flavors, we are far from being disappointed, fish and seafood! Listen and you will hear the song of the gulls on the ramparts, but also, in the squares and at sunset, the sound of African percussions which resonates in all the alleys of the medina … listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site . The Essaouira medina is an exceptional example of a city, surrounded by a Vauban-style wall, its kasbah is also a marvel, its cornice is exquisitely beautiful, just in front of the Dzira and in front of the small port. A few kilometers south of the beaches, unique because still virgin, is the beach of Sidi Kaouki, located about 25 km from the city. All around there are many argan fields. This is the opportunity to see and appreciate argan oil, unique in this region and nowhere else. Its beaches, allow the practice of water sports, make the province a quality tourist destination, renowned for the practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the powerful winds that blow almost constantly in the bay as well as the annual organization of a stage of the Kitesurfing World Cup.

Yes, Essaouira also lives to the rhythm of Gnaoua music, famous all over the world.


The village of Sidi Kaouki is one of the surf spots in the region where the winds tend to be high, Sidi Kaouki is a rather untouched paradise, with a wild beach, small sand dunes and a marabou watching over the waters. . In the off-season, horses and camels are available for walks on the beach, and lounge chairs are available for sun-seekers, while the central square has a simple cafe and restaurant. The hotels vary from simple to mid-range, being the wild and open beach views. Nearby, on the seafront, Mouette et Dromadaires offers a Western-style culinary experience. Swimming remains dangerous because of the currents, the beach is especially valid for experienced snowboarders. The huge beach of Sidi Kaouki, a surf and windsurf spot, offers an ideal opportunity to discover the wild coast and the camel caravan route. The Sidi Kaouki spot offers superb conditions for waveriding. It is also a very good surf spot. The village of Sidi Kaouki is a typical small village, quite remote and very quiet. However, you will find everything you need for a perfect stay. There are a number of small guesthouses and small hotels. The spot is a long sandy beach of at least 4 kms, wide enough for easy rigging and take-off. The north wind is blowing side to side-off, very consistently, especially in summer: it can go up to 40 knots! It is often ideal to surf in the morning and kite in the afternoon when the wind picks up. Sandbanks are numerous on the spot and offer superb conditions for waveriding: beautiful hollow waves, size (up to 2.50m. It is a spot for confirmed (or intermediate at least) because the waves are powerful and the shore break can be violent.