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1/2 Day Tangier city Tour Departing from Tangier (Private Trip)

Tanger, Morocco
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Tangier City Tour

Tangier is an economic and tourist city in Morocco, neighboring Ceuta, a Moroccan city, colonized and Spanish enclave and 45 minutes by boat from the Strait of Gibraltar, rock of Spanish colonized by the British.Tanger was in the past a cultural capital for a large number of artists. Tangier is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco located in the north of the country. It is a city of legends and cultures. Discover all its secrets will allow you to discover Tangier in the best possible way.

The Kasbah … Soul of Tangier:

Separated from the Medina by ramparts, the Kasbah, a district of ancient palaces, overlooks the port and the city from its heights. It can be accessed by Bab El Hassa to find superb residences, the Sultan’s Palace “Dar el Mekhzen”, the café for lovers of Andalusian music from the Straits, the museum of Moroccan arts and antiques “Dar el Ghorfa” where the one can discover prehistoric and ancient vestiges of Tangier.

The hosts’ palace (Ex Forbes Museum):

Mendoub Palace at the beginning of its construction it was transformed by Malcom Forbes into a museum which attracted crowds eager for contemporary history presented in the form of statuettes depicting the great battles (Waterloo 1815, Dien Bien Phû, the battle of the Three Kings, the armies of Sultan Abdel Malek). Currently it has been transformed into the official Palace of the Marquee Hosts passing through Tangier.

Dar el Mekhzen:

Rebuilt in 1740, this palace has today become the Museum of Moroccan Arts in Tangier. It contains a very fine collection of Moroccan crafts. Bronzes and mosaics which come from the Roman sites of Lixus, Cotta, Banasa or Volubilis. It is from these that the famous mosaic called “the navigation of Venus” arose, where the goddess sits among nymphs at the back of a ship that cuts through blue, almost transparent waters. The history of Tangier and its region is traced on the first floor. In room 3, devoted to ancient funeral rites, next to a burial of a child buried in a jar and small lead sarcophagi, stands the astonishing life-size model of a Carthaginian tomb. End the visit with the pleasant Andalusian garden, where a reconstructed ancient necropolis seems to have slept from eternity.

The “El Hafa” coffee:

It has been around since the 1920s. This café, unique in its location, is suspended from a cliff and installed on small terraces. The Beatles, Randy Weston, Sean Connery and many other celebrities have passed by to taste excellent mint tea, a specialty of these places.

The Cervantes theater:

Inaugurated in 1913, it was in its time the most important theater in North Africa. Its extraordinary architecture, its 1,400 seats, its most powerful machinery of the time, seduced the greatest artists, in particular Lola Flores, who was regularly received there.

The great Socco:

The grand Socco (from the Spanish meaning souk) is located at the entrance to the Medina. It is the busiest place in the city. There is the former residence of the Mendoub (representative of the Sultan). The German Embassy also took up residence there in the 1940s. Today it is a court of which the garden is a splendor. Century-old trees bear witness to the cited history of the place.

The little Socco:

To follow in the footsteps of great celebrities like Paul Bowles, Jean Genet, Paul Morand or de Pasolini, there is nothing better than mint tea in the cafes of Petit Socco. There is also a large mosque built in the 18th century on the ruins of an old Portuguese cathedral.

Saint Andrew Church :

During the 1880s, a collection was organized for the construction of this church. Andalusian style its finish is the work of craftsmen brought from Fez. Sultan Moulay Hassan I contributed to it by donating the land. In 1884, the bell tower was erected, its arch engraved with a prayer in Arabic.

The United States Legation:

It is the first American historical monument located outside the United States. It is a small palace, located in the heart of the Kasbah, donated in 1821 by Sultan Moulay Souleiman to the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe. It was called the “Consulate” until 1923, then adopted the name of Legation. Today there is a collection of paintings on Morocco as well as old geographical maps including that of Leon Africain. This museum traces the history of American and Moroccan relations. We can discover a letter from Georges Washington to Moulay Abdellah. A collection of mirrors, works by Lecouteux, by Ben Ali R’Bati, the first Moroccan “Naive”.

Duo of suns in Tangier:

In Tangier, two Caps overlook the two seas: Cape Malabata which turns towards the rising sun and Cape Spartel which looks towards the Atlantic and the setting sun. To see: Malabata at the blue hour where the sky and the sea merge into a single light. Cape Spartel is particularly attractive at dusk. The horizon is then pink and the plants are fragrant. This Cape is the extreme tip of Africa. It is located not far from the famous Caves of Hercules.

Caves of Hercules:

Located 10 km from Tangier, these are natural limestone caves into which the sea enters at high tide. According to Greek mythology, it was inside the den that Hercules found rest after the completion of his exploits.

The port :

First national port for passenger traffic and international road transport. It knows an ample passenger passenger traffic which exceeds one million people per year. Tangier is distinguished by its free zone, located directly on the port platforms. Celle-ci attire des chargements à forte valeur ajoutée. The permanent rehabilitation of port structures and buildings, the commissioning of container vehicles, the preventive and systematic maintenance of equipment, the establishment of the working system of 16 continuous hours for general cargo and that of 24 hours for travelers, ensure the port of Tangier a quality service.

The new town:

The new city of Tangier has as its main artery the Boulevard Pasteur, lined with modern buildings and residences. In the middle of these buildings opens a magnificent view of the port and the bay of Tangier. The people of Tangier call it “Sour Al Maâgazine” or “lazy wall”.

Other places to discover:

The gardens of Mendoubia whose trees are eight centuries old and the mosque of Sidi Bouâbid which dominates the Medina from its minaret decorated with multicolored earthenware. Also worth visiting are the Place du Faro, the Place de France, the Bordj Hadjoui and the Marshan district.

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