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1 Day Excursion with Lunch to Rabat from Fez (Private Trip)

Rabat, Morocco
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Excursion to Rabat 1 Day with Lunch from Fez:

The medina Founded in the 17th century, it is the work of Andalusian refugees driven from Spain by King Philippe III. It was erected south of the Bouregreg River and is protected by multiple enclosures, making it one of the best protected medinas in Morocco. In addition to the many traditional souks, you can visit at leisure many places steeped in history such as the Oudayas Kasbah, built by the Almoravids, the old Jewish quarter of Mellah, the Makki mosque or the Almohad walls. None of the places that make up the medina of Rabat have undergone any changes since their creation.

The necropolis of Chellah located 2 km south-east of the city center, shelters many Arab-Islamic monuments as well as Roman remains. Barely crossed the beautiful access door, we discover an ancient site overgrown by lush vegetation. Amysterious and impressive place,the necropolis has long served as a cemetery for Moroccan rulers. The site does not shine for the quality of its ruins but rather for the splendid view it offers over the BouRegreg river. Berbers, Romans and Mérinides successively settled on the site, but for several centuries the site has belonged to storks and other animals. Inside the site, there are several tombs and a stone basin in which fish and sacred turtles evolve. Further on, a minaret has partially preserved its polychrome decoration. It is now inhabited by storks. Ideal for walks, the site is considered by some to be the most romantic place in the country.

The Mohammed V mausoleumDesigned by the Vietnamese architect Vo Toan, the Mohammed V mausoleum is a true showcase of Moroccan know-how. Its construction was completed in 1971 after 10 years of work involving 400 of the best craftsmen in the country. Inside, the central tomb is that of Mohammed V and the tomb on the left is that of Hassan II. Built in white marble from Italy, the mausoleum has a pyramidal roof covered with green tiles. The royal sarcophagus of Pakistaniwhite onyx rests under a cupola made of leaf-gilded mahogany and Lebanese cedar. In this place, the ancestral techniques of Moroccan craftsmen blend beautifully with noble materials from around the world. Finally, the mausoleum rises on the immense esplanade where the famous Hassan Tower stands.

Hassan Tower Built in the 12th century on the initiative of Sultan Yacoub El Mansour, who wanted to build the largest mosque in the world, the Hassan Tower will never have the glorious destiny that the latter wanted. Indeed, the work was abandoned after his death in 1199. In addition, it was damaged during the Lisbon earthquake in 1755 which destroyed its colonnades. Nevertheless, the Hassan Tower remains one of the emblems of the city of Rabat, but also a precious vestige of traditional Moroccan art with, among other things, its sculptures that adorn each of its facades.

The Kasbah des Oudayas impressive fortress dating from the 12th century which includes Andalusian-style gardens, a superb museum of Moroccan arts and small white and blue houses. The place is truly magical ! A small gem, This fortress, dominates the mouth of the BouRegreg river, separating Rabat and Salé. The alleys all go down to the peaks of the cliffs that dominate the estuary where you can peacefully contemplate the immense medina of Salé.The Kasbah des Oudayas not only shines for its architecture and its cultural weight. Indeed, it is a real place of life. The inhabitants of Rabat like to walk there, chat, play cards or better, scrutinize the newly arrived visitors. Note that cultural events are numerous in the Kasbah.

End of the Excursion to Rabat return to Fez

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